Sales of electric vehicles in Australia triple despite minimal government support

Sales of electric vehicles in Australia triple despite minimal government support

 Last year, the costs of electric vehicles in Australia spurted even without allowances from the government. Also, the rate of installed electric vehicle charging points was high. However, the report announced on Wednesday confirmed that the market share of electric motors was 0.6% of the recent EVs sales. 

Behyad Jafari, the board’s Chief Executive, said that the surge in electric motor sales was less than the available models. There are 28 electronic motor prototypes on sale, eight of them costing less than $65,000. Additional six models will arrive next year, where two of the models will cost less than $50,000. 

Jafari said that Australia has a long way to go because any other state has policies of electric motors implemented. Other motor makers have the aims of bringing electric vehicles to Australia, but Australia lacks a support strategy. The Morrison government confirmed to finish on the national electric vehicle strategy by June, but the procedure was layer discontinued. In 2019, Prime Minister Chris Morrison pointed figures at the Labor Department for attempting to ‘end the weekend ‘ and taking people out of cars following a 50% target set by the opposition side. 

Jafari declared that Kia e-Niro, an award-winning SUV, prepared for inauguration in Australia, is on wait for the reason being that the maker opted to export to other nations with carbon emission regulations. In a statement released by Jafari, the sales of EVs, including plug-in hybrid, rose from 2216 in 2018 to 6718 last year. 80% of the sold vehicles we’re electric vehicles. This year, 3226 electric vehicles were sold despite a 20% decrease in electric vehicle sales because of Coronavirus’s impacts. Jafari said that the report clearly shows the high demand for electric vehicles by Australian citizens. 

State agency data projects that 50% of the sold cars will be electric vehicles, even if there will be a lack of support strategy. Automakers who presently vend their electric vehicles in Australia include Tesla, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Audi, Renault, Nissan, Jaguar, Porsche, and Hyundai. G20 states had implemented emission regulations for all sold electric vehicles and incentives. As for Australia, such a thing is just a dream. 

The report stated that worldwide car manufacturers have started to design new prototypes of electric vehicles; however, production cannot keep up with the demand rate. That is a clear indication that Australians will be denied using electric cars if the right strategies are not put in place. 

Sharan Stone

By Sharan Stone

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