AMD Ryzen 9 3900X units overclocking checklist with liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is an overclockers not-so-secret weapon

YOU GOTTA LOVE overclockers and their keenness to chance frozen digits to crank OTT clock speeds out of processors; working example, a brand new global checklist set by way of an Australian overclocker the usage of AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X and a dose of liquid nitrogen.

Quite oddly for somebody who is much more likely for use to sweltering warmth than stuff that is -196°C, the Aussie, who is going by way of the title of ‘jordan.hyde99’, appears to be a dab hand at dealing with the super-cold liquid. And with it he controlled to coax speeds of five.625GHz out of AMD’s top-end Ryzen CPU.

The Ryzen 9 3900X typically tops out at 4.6GHz, with the intention to get an additional 1,000MHz out of the silicon slice is not any imply feat. However to additionally beat the former global checklist, set by way of somebody the usage of Intel’s COre i9-7920X, is the icing at the freezing bloodless overclocking cake.

The checklist used to be set within the wPrime benchmark, with jordan.hyde99’s overclocked Ryzen CPU managing to finish the benchmark check in 35 seconds and 517 milliseconds. It is not an enormous margin over the former checklist of 35 seconds and 693 milliseconds, however it is a new global checklist nevertheless.

Given the Ryzen 9 3900X makes use of AMD’s Zen 2 7-nanometre structure, which delivers extra directions in line with clock than the former Zen structure, the overclocking result’s indicative of the efficiency beneficial properties AMD has made with its Ryzen processors.

However curiously, as Tom’s {Hardware} famous, the record-breaking Ryzen 9 3900X controlled to overcome the Core i9-7920X operating at a slower clock pace; Intel’s chip ran at 5.955GHz when it made the former checklist.

This might exhibit how the enhanced IPC of the Zen 2 structure lets in the Ryzen 3000-series CPUs to ship extra efficiency than Intel Skylake CPUs despite the fact that they’re operating at decrease clock speeds.

Briefly, what we are taking a look at here’s some other instance of AMD truly bringing its A-game to the processor marketplace and cementing itself as a correct challenger to Intel all over again. µ

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